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Dear Beloved Space Channel 5 fans around the whole entire galaxy,

Space Channel 5 is celebrating its 20th anniversary on December 16, 2019. Thank you for always for being there for us, loving and waiting for us, and thank you for your continued support and being the best fans anyone could ever ask for!

Stay tuned for more to come!

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The Galaxy’s Only Chance...Is Dance!

SEGA’s legendary rhythm game “Space Channel 5” is coming back with Virtual Reality, More poses you strike, more viewer ratings you get, and the more heads you can turn as you dance til you drop and save the Universe!

Genre(s)Dancing, Rhythm, ActionDeveloperGrounding Inc.


  • Ulala

    News reporter on Space Channel 5.

  • Roo & Kie

    Identical rookie twin reporters.

  • Othermoro

    Morolians? Aliens speaking!?

  • Morolians

    Aliens forcing people to dance?

  • Jaguar

    Head of Space Pirate Broadcasting Station. Legendary reporter - willing to do anything to pursue the truth.

  • Kell

    Former agent of Space Police working with Space Pirate Broadcasting Station. (Jaguars)

  • Bello

    Highly-educated and earned a degree from Space Science University working with Space Pirate Broadcasting Station. (Jaguars)

  • Soon-soon

    Former Space Car Racing champion driver working with Space Pirate Broadcasting Station. (Jaguars)

  • Glitter

    Mysterious existence eats all the Groove Moxie in the whole entire galaxy…

  • and MORE


Set in the 25th century, Space Channel 5’s top reporter Ulala is hosting a news report on mysterious dancing incident involving the aliens known as "Morolians" that forces people to dance. Fight against the invading aliens by dancing and receiving more views and helping Ulala win the ultimate dance battle.


  • 01

    Immerse into the world of Space Channel 5 with VR!

    World of Space Channel 5 is yours.

  • 02

    Move your body to the rhythm!

    No keypad required. Hold the controllers and dance to the rhythm!

  • 03

    Save the universe with a groove!

    More poses you strike, more viewer ratings you get! When an enemy’s beam is coming, let’s dodge with a pose! Beat them with your groove!


Funky Soundtrack and Special Space Goodies are now available!


What is Space Channel 5?

“For all the people who love music, dance, and games” is the motto of the original musical action game, Space Channel 5, which was first released in December 16th, 1999. Set in outer space during the 25th century, Space Channel 5 stars top reporter Ulala, who must solve an incident involving the Morolians, a mysterious race of aliens who are forcing people to dance. In the game, you’ll fight against the invaders by dancing, and win dance battles to gain more viewer ratings for Ulala.

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