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Space Channel 20th Anniversary Celebration Comment Collection Campaign!

Space Channel 5 is turning 20 on December 16th, and though we've received wonderful warm and heartfelt comments from various people around the world, we would love to receive celebration comments from you as well!
Tell us about your favorite memories playing SC5, how you discovered the game, what you liked about the game, confess your love for Ulala, or send a galactic message to the Morolians. We're eager to hear your love-filled comments!Click hear to jump to the 20th Anniversary Celebration Comment Page.

Campaign Summary
Follow Grounding's official twitter account (@Grounding_Inc) and submit your 20th anniversary celebration comment by tweeting with the hashtag #SC5_20th by January 31st, 2020. Your post will serve as a raffle ticket for a chance to win SC5 merch and other rare prizes!
Please note that your messages may be shared publicly via retweets from the Grounding official twitter account, affiliated twitter accounts, and the SC5 VR official website.
Application period
Start: Monday, December 16th, 2019, end: Friday January 31st, 2020 (6:59AM PST)
Prize A: Ulala autographed (!?) Official 20th Anniversary Best Selection Album, "Space Channel 5 20th Anniversary 'Gyun-Gyun Selection'" (5 winners)
Prize B: "Space Channel 5 VR" Space Merch Set (5 winners)
Prize C: 20th Anniversary Special Post Card Data (w/ limited serial number) (55 winners)

*In order to facilitate a fair raffle, raffle winners will be notified via direct message.

*Comments that contain inappropriate content, slanders, offensive language, copyright and right of likeness violations will not be accepted.

*Please note that actual campaign prizes may differ from ones depicted in the images above.

Application process
▸▸ STEP 1
Search for and follow Grounding's official Twitter account (@Grounding_Inc).
▸▸ STEP 2
Post a tweet from your own account using the hashtag #SC5_20th.
▸▸ STEP 3
Application complete.
Winners will receive a direct message from Grounding's official Twitter account (@Grounding_Inc).
Qualified applicants
Applicants who followed Grounding's official Twitter account (@Grounding_Inc) and tweeted their 20th anniversary celebration comment using the hashtag #SC5_20th. There are no regional restrictions.
*Applicants whose Twitter accounts are deleted or no longer follow Grounding's official Twitter account at the time of the raffle picking will not qualify for the raffle.
Winner Announcement
Winners of the raffle will receive a direct message from Grounding's official Twitter account after the campaign has concluded. The direct message to the winners will serve as the raffle winner announcement. Prizes are scheduled to be sent out in mid-February 2020.
How to Contact Us
Please send a direct message to Grounding's official Twitter account (@Grounding_Inc).
Contact Window:Contact reception window: 12/16/2020~1/30/2020, 18:00~01:00 PST
*When contacting us through Twitter, please configure your account to accept direct message replies.

- Retweets are limited to official retweets.
- If your Twitter account is set to private, we will not be able to confirm retweets, making your application invalid.
- Your application will be invalid if your account is configured to reject direct messages because we will not be able to notify you if you win the raffle.
- Raffling will be limited to those residing in Japan only.
- Please note that if we are unable to deliver the prizes due to the winner's long-term absence or unclear shipping address, we may invalidate the raffle winning.
- We will not be able to change the contents of the prize or accept returns once the raffle winners have been picked.
- The raffle prizes cannot be transferred to a third party or exchanged for cash.
- The applicant guarantees Grounding, Inc. that their post data is in accordance with law and that they do not violate the rights of any third parties.
- If the post data contains the intellectual property of any third party, please obtain permission from the IP holder before making that post.
- Applicants under the age of 15 must obtain permission from their lawful guardian.

*Forbidden Actions
The below actions are strictly forbidden during the campaign:
- Any action that obstructs the operation of this campaign.
- Any action that seek to cause harm, confusion, or discriminate others.
- Any action that seek to defame, slander, or damage the relationship of others.
- Any action that seek to infringe upon copyright and intellectual property rights.
- Any action that seek to infringe upon others' property rights, privacy rights or right of likeness.
- Posting of illegal content such as those depicting harassment, child sexual abuse and exploitation.
- Advertisement and inducement aimed at profit-making.
- Any action that seek to disrupt public order.
- Actions that violate the usage terms of Twitter and Instagram.
- Any action that Grounding, Inc. deems unnecessary or inappropriate for this campaign.

- Although we do our best to operate this campaign with caution, we do not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, safety, and availability of every information, program and services. Furthermore, Grounding, Inc. is not responsible for the below circumstances incurred by the user or third party:
1.) Accidents related to the use of our software, fires, black outs, communication errors, earthquakes and other emergency situations that occur during the campaign.
2.) Periodic or emergency system maintenance related to this campaign.
3.) Any troubles between users or between a user and third party.
4.) Obstruction of campaign services by a third party or cancellations, delays or failures due to data modification.
5.) Insufficient information collection due to usage of platforms outside of those recommended by Grounding, Inc.
6.) Wrongful transmission of campaign information due to deliberate or gross negligence.
Grounding, Inc. is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the applicants of this campaign.
Grounding, Inc. reserves the right to change or cancel the campaign without notice to all or partial applicants.
We also reserve the right to change the terms of this agreement in order to secure the appropriate operation of this campaign when deemed necessary.
The applicant is responsible for any internet service and data usage costs related to the participation of this campaign.

*Usage of personal information.
The personal information provided to Grounding, Inc will be used for contact purposes and delivery of prizes to the winners, as well as for statistical reference for the development of future products and services.
Grounding, Inc. will manage all personal information provided to us during the campaign period and will not be provided to third parties, except for outsourced operations, without the applicant's consent (except when legally obligated to disclose).
Personal information provided to us will be strictly managed under our privacy policy and will be promptly disposed of after the campaign concludes.

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